Communal Lunches

Digesting Politics with Tom James

Fri 28 June 2019

Company Drinks at Barking Outdoor Bowls Club
Barking Park
Longbridge Road Gate
IG11 8TA

At Company Drinks we pick and make drinks, as much as we ask questions about what local food production means to us all. Digesting Politics is our regular communal lunch where we enjoy local food and unpack some of the politics behind its production. This month we're inviting artist Tom James to come and talk to us about his recent work, which explores ideas of how we might need to live in the post-climate change future - from alternative ways to source and catch our food, to building communal spaces to eat it. Tom will be helping us to avoid climate indigestion, by chewing over the numbers behind climate change - how many years we have, and what we might need to do - to help break it down into bite size chunks. For dessert we'll be asking: is it all Bad and Scary? Or might there be some sweet stuff too?

Tom James is an artist and a writer. He creates projects and publications that aim to change the way people think about the structures, places and ideas around them. Over the last four years, this has mainly involved “trying to prepare people better for the bitter, barren future we’re creating for our children”. His work has been featured across the national press, and his fanzine project, GO, is part of the permanent collection of the V&A. Learn more at his website.

Digesting Politics Lunches are a Keep It Complex production, delivered by Company Drinks. Read more at their website.