Drinks Making

July’s Have and Make Tea!

Thu 9 July 2020

Company Drinks at the Outdoor Bowls Pavilion
Barking Park
Longbridge Road Gate
IG11 8TA

For 2020 we're hosting a new monthly making workshop: Join us on the second Thursday of every month from February onwards, we'll be having *AND MAKING* a cup of tea at the Outdoor Bowls Club in Barking Park. If you're interested in..... horticulture, herbal remedies, the benefits of growing your own herbs, or just love a cup of tea in good company, come along to this hands-on, tasty session.


////// The facilitated Park Centre workshops with Pip will take place on the FIRST and THIRD Thursday of every month at the Park Centre

////// From February onwards, on the SECOND Thursday of the month, Alice will be hosting ‘Have and Make Tea’ workshops at the Barking Park Pavilion from 1-3pm

////// From April onwards, the FOURTH Thursday of every month will be a visit to a garden, production or green space

////// In months spanning 5 weeks , the 5th Thursday of the month will be a self led session at Park Centre

If in doubt about one of our volunteer sessions, email us on contact@companydrinks.info to let us know when you’d like to come and if you’d like to bring a group…