Drinks Making

ONLINE: Picking + Making

26 March – 30 April 2020

Streaming from:
The Company Drinks Kitchen
and Green Spaces in LBBD

Join us in the Company Drinks Kitchen *ONLINE*.... Through this difficult period of social distancing and quarantines, as a result of the ongoing spread of Coronavirus, we'll be sharing our knowledge about drinks ingredients; growing, picking and processing.... Spring is here: We're still going to be doing some gentle foraging for Barking & Dagenham-Made teas and cordials, join us, learn about what's growing in the borough, and follow easy step-by-step tips you can follow at home in a garden, on a balcony or windowsill.


Shaun went foraging for flowering currant flowers on 26th March in Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham, taking less than a third of the flowers off of any of the bushes, leaving the rest as vital food for the bees.

Ribes sanguineum, or flowering currant is a deciduous shrub that blooms a deep to pale pink colour flower in the spring. The leaves are usually three lobed with created edges and both the leaves and the flowers have a sweet currant smell when crushed. The flowers can be used to flavour drinks and desserts, look out for our flowering currant cordial in the coming months.

  • Check our short video from Shaun on flowering currants in Mayesbrook Park.
  • If you happen to find any flowering currants, we’d love to see your photos. Tag us on social media @goingpicking, or send  ideas to shaun@companydrinks.info
  • Please forage responsibly, never pick more than a third of the flowers from any one plant, leave plenty for the bees. Contact Shaun if you have any questions.

Watch this space for tips on how you can turn foraged flowers into healthy, delicious drinks for you and your family!






Do you need any help or support?

The council, in partnership with BD Collective, have launched a Citizens Alliance Network (CAN), to support vulnerable people during these difficult times. If you, or anyone you know, needs help or support, you can find out more on the CAN website.

Please contact us via email if you have any questions about our activities or concerns about the situation and how it might be affecting you in Barking & Dagenham.