Reclaim the Space aka New Town Culture

1 July 2020 – 28 October 2021

In partnership with New Town Culture at LBBD

12 - 24

As part of the New Town Culture programme, Company Drinks is running and supporting a Young People Advisory Group, and is curating and facilitating a series of creative workshops with artists and young people.

Image: Digital work by artist Antonio Roberts



New Town Culture is a programme of artistic and cultural activity taking place in adult and children’s social care across the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.


Between May 2020 and October 2021 Company Drinks will be closely working with the New Town Culture programme team
to set up and support a new Young People Advisory Group, and to run a series of hands-on creative workshops between artists and young people from across the borough.


Antonio Roberts has been the first artist to devise an online workshop for a group of young people, with the idea to reclaim your own image and expression, by asking what the brands you buy and the websites you visit say about you. In short the workshop was to reclaim the internet and its tools,  and the five sessions covered digital up-skilling, re-mixing brands and reclaiming your own image and worth. The young people were also given the opportunity to design their own currency, using  Over the course of a week the group sharpened their skills in a range of digital arts and technology, from graphic design to coding to glitch art.

The final outcome brought strength and resilience, as well as better employability and a new found passion for the arts.


Outcomes and ideas from the workshop will be published soon, with some entering operations at Company Drinks in the near future.

Photo: Antonio Roberts