2021 Special Edition Drinks

We had to take a break from soda production last year what with “one thing and another”…. but with events slowly returning, and our usual drinks – stockists being open for business again, we have been able to bottle another batch of delicious Barking & Dagenham Sodas.

Picked in local parks by residents or mixed by Cube Cola, labelled by An Endless Supply, bottled by our No.1 favourite Soda Wizards Square Root, enjoyed by you! It feels great to be able to share these sodas, and to be in good company again.

Image 1 credit, Square Root Sodas

After a year of physical distance, isolating and lockdown harvests, we were given the most glorious of summer days to finally go picking together again. The elderflower in this soda (right) was picked on 5 June 2021 by Barking & Dagenham residents at Eastbrookend Country Park. As always we only picked around a third of the fully blossomed elderflowers from each tree, leaving enough for the birds and bees.

Of course, we couldn’t bottle sodas without bringing you the very best BAD Cola (bad as in good). We still love this brilliant brand name and label design, created together with young people from the borough, with help from An Endless Supply. The cola concentrate still comes from our colleagues at Bristol-based Cube Cola. We very much hope we can run Cola Concentrate making workshops again soon.

Photos from our 2017 DIY Cola-Making Workshops with Cube Cola’s Kate Rich at Dagenham Heathway Library

This year we’ve added our organisational values to the label, along with the nutritional values and our much-loved picking trip photos. We’ve decided to take this first 2021 drinks production opportunity to reflect on:

  • why we’re making food and drinks together
  • how we want to make drinks together going forward
  • and what kind of Drinks Company we want to be

Every other soda from our 2021 Soda Range has been bottled with a Value(s) for money label, and we encourage our friends, partners, soda fans and team to reflect on the benefits of enjoying drinks that are made together; by an economy that cares about the well-being of our minds, bodies, communities and planet.

For the full list of values go to www.companydrinks.info/about

// If you’re an LBBD-based partner, stockist, venue or community / cultural organisation, and would like to purchase boxes of our sodas, please contact us for a Super Local Price quote. We can deliver on fixed delivery days, or you can collect from us in Barking Park.
// If you’re a partner, stockist, venue or community / cultural organisation from outside of the borough, and would like to purchase boxes of our sodas, please contact us for a Not-So Local Price quote.
// If you’re based a little bit further away, you can also purchase cases of our BAD Cola directly from Square Root… They’re kindly donating 20% of all profits back to Company Drinks, to reinvest in our future picking, making, growing and bottling activities.