2022 Special Edition Sodas

We are excited to announce we have a new drinks flavour on our list of sodas this year, created together with the help of our local residents we have come up with a completely new drink.

Flavours picked by residents or mixed by us using the Cube Cola recipe, labelled by An Endless Supply, bottled by our No.1 favourite Soda Wizards Square Root, enjoyed by you! It feels great to be able to share these sodas, and to be in good company again.

In March of 2022 we came together with Square root boss Robyn, drinks maker Robin Honhold and a group of local residents to find out what flavours bring back fond memeories of the past. We tasted different herbs in teas and cold drinks and spoke about the memories they brought up and the effect the flavours gave us and collaboratively came up with strawberry and hibiscus flower mix. The sweet flavour of summer with a tangy addition, the group also brought up the idea of creating a lower sugar drink, which with the help from Robin Honhold at Full Fat Drinks a tasty mix of low sugar but high taste soda was created. And as you loved it from last year, have added our community values back to the label to show where we stand with coming together in good company.

Our classic BAD cola is also back this year this the delicious tastes of cinnamon, nutmeg, lavender, corriander, orange, lemon and lime, this year we have been learning to make the concetrate in our own kitchen mixing up the Recipe created by the brilliant Cube Cola.


// If you’re an LBBD-based partner, stockist, venue or community / cultural organisation, and would like to purchase boxes of our sodas, please contact us for a Super Local Price quote. We can deliver on fixed delivery days, or you can collect from us in Barking Park.
// If you’re a partner, stockist, venue or community / cultural organisation from outside of the borough, and would like to purchase boxes of our sodas, please contact us for a Not-So Local Price quote.
// If you’re based a little bit further away, you can also purchase cases of our sodas directly from Square Root… They’re kindly donating 20% of all profits back to Company Drinks, to reinvest in our future picking, making, growing and bottling activities.