2022 Cordials

This year we have a delicious range of cordials picked and labelled by residents of Barking and Dagenham available for purchase at our base in Barking Park, or at our events

“Strawberry and Lavender Cordial” – In June of 2022 we went to Maynards fruit Farm in Kent for our annual strawberry picking trip. On a beautiful sunny day, around 40 local residents picked a whopping 7kg of strawberries which was then cold pressed with Lavender (Grown in the Grow Club garden) infused sugar to bring the flavour of summer to our lips

Elderflower Cordial- Also in June is our favourite Elderflower season, this time our picking group went to Eastbrookedn Country Park, which holds an abundance of Elderflowers. Again we were blessed with full sunshine where we picked the fragrant flowers, shrared recipe ideas and ate lots of cake and scones with jam.

Green Hop Tonic Cordial – We used to run coach trips to visit Little Scotney farm, a working hop farm in Kent, but due to social distancing we could no longer arrange large coach trips, so instead of taking east Londoners to the hops, we brought the hops to east London. On our annual Open Day in September people come from far and wide to have a go at the age-old tradition of picking fresh hops off the bine, not only were we gifted with the hops aroma whilst picking, we then created our bitter-sweet hop cordial to enjoy in good company.

Prices: £3.50 per 500ml bottle of cordial with 8-10 servings