Cordials in stock

Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower cordial has long been a favourite at Company Drinks, and this year was no exception. Our team and volunteers gathered elderflowers from the local area to create our classic elderflower cordial, a light and refreshing treat that never goes out of style.

Strawberry Cordial

Our strawberry picking trip to Maynard’s Fruit Farm in Kent was a delightful success, and we put those freshly picked strawberries to good use in our strawberry cordial. The sweet and juicy flavours captured the essence of summer, bringing a burst of sunshine to every sip. This cordial quickly became a seasonal favourite, enjoyed by all who tasted it.

Plum and Blackberry Cordial: A Perfect Autumn Blend

As summer transitioned to autumn, we embarked on a new adventure, picking blackberries at Eastbrookend and harvesting plums at the National Trust’s Stoneford Cottage Garden. These two fruits combined beautifully to create a rich and fruity cordial, blending the tartness of blackberries with the deep sweetness of plums. It was a perfect companion for cool autumn evenings, reminding us of the changing seasons.

Hop Cordial: A Unique Twist

This year, one of our well-loved cordials was made from organic hops picked at the Growing Communities farm in Dagenham. This hop cordial had a unique flavour profile, offering a subtle bitterness balanced with sweetness. Its a refreshing surprise for many of our community members, proving that the possibilities for cordial-making are endless.

Rose Hip Cordial: A Taste of Nature

In the autumn, we also gathered rose hips from Goodmayes Park, creating a cordial that was both tangy and slightly sweet. Rosehip cordial is known for its rich vitamin C content, and ours was no exception. It became a favourite for those looking for a healthy yet delicious drink, perfect for the cooler months.

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