Harvest Afternoon at the Pavilion

Thu 26 October 2017

Company Drinks
Outdoor Bowls Pavilion
Barking Park
IG11 8TA

All welcome

Following on from the day's Rose Hip picking walk, we're going to meet "back at base" for a cup of hot autumn soup and a slice of cake. Just a thank you to our volunteers for braving the cold and the prickly rose rips! Come along if you'd like to find out more about the project, meet the volunteers or taste our 2017 drinks ranges!

Our new base will be as multi-functional as our drinks are multi-picked and multi-flavoured. The size and location of the pavilion are perfect for what we are planning to do in the next few years.

The existing club room can host public and social events for up to 80 people, and we have a small tea kitchen to cater for in house events.

The training and production kitchen is set up to continue with our Molecular Fizz training programme, host groups of up to 20 for specialist workshops, experiment with brewing and cordial making, develop new drinks and flavours and to be used by other groups and organisations who need a kitchen.

We can finally store all our drinks in one place and will have regular opening hours to purchase them directly from us and to deliver any surplus fruit from your garden.

The green outdoor space, the former bowling area, is perfectly flat and suitable for public and private events, and the whole area is fenced in which makes it a very safe and family friendly venue. We would like to plant low maintenance fruit along the boarders, maybe have some hops and grapes and we’ll have a small area for growing specialist herbs. Otherwise our motto “go picking” remains, and we’ll be out and about in the borough to harvest what grows locally.

Please get in contact if you want to use the pavilion or have ideas for how to use it. Company Drinks is community-led and we’re open to suggestions, proposals and collaborations.

If the dates don’t suit you, please contact us and we can arrange a visit.