Company Drinks at Bristol Food Connections

Wed 4 May 2016

Knowle West Media Centre
Leinster Avenue,
Knowle West

Knowle West Media Centre

We've been invited to help host a workshop at the Knowle West Media Centre, as part of Bristol Food Connections 2016. Entitled 'Cook'n'Converse'...

The Cook & Converse events bring together those facing significant challenges when it comes to accessing affordable healthy food.

By looking at the local landscape, participants will be searching the hedgerows for elder-flower, blackberries and other local fruit and foraging treats to create summer quenchers and other seasonal delights.

Sharing these drinks and other locally foraged food with their invited guests, local business owners, health workers, and decision-makers from the area we will evoke a discussion about the importance of passing on skills from generation to generation, and potential solutions when it comes to cooking at home using ingredients one can get locally.

The event is invite only, contact us if you’re interested

See more on the Bristol Food Connections website.

Or visit the Knowle West Media Centre website.