Designing Cultural Access with Sahra Hersi 

4 January – 31 May 2021

Company Drinks Pavilion
and Garden

Barking Park

Sahra Hersi is a Barking based spatial designer with a national and international reputation. She describes her work as “caring about people, places, art & architecture, in that order”, which is exactly why Company Drinks has invited Sahra to think about how our building and garden invites others to be part of what we do.

Sahra Hersi Illustration by Sahra Hersi
Our building has always been more than a pavilion and a green. It is a multifunctional space for the many different groups who come here, and for the many different activities we offer and share.
The current refurbishment will for the first time make the site fully accessible in physical terms, which means barrier free access to all indoor and outdoor areas, and new toilet and restroom facilities for all visitors and users.
A ramp signal access in a very direct way, and facilitates physical, but there are so many other objects and details that can allow access and welcome someone (or not). Sahra brings the specialist knowledge of how to prepare and equip our community building for multiple stakeholder use. This can be described as cultural access and Sahra’s commission is to advice on, and design clear access points in the main areas of our site. Sahra calls it “ avoiding the community hall clutter” and we decided against laminated rules and big NO signs. Instead Sahra’s advice and design will shape the signage and furniture of the spaces in a way that it is clear and welcoming to many.
A launch of Sahra’s work is planned for the the re-opening of the pavilion. A date will be confirmed as soon as Covid Regulations allow for on site events.