Trade Talks

Diverse Economies with Kathrin Böhm

Wed 23 November 2022
6-7.30 pm

'This Is Nelson' Programme
Nelson, UK

In Situ and Andy Abbott

As part of the ‘This Is Nelson’ strand of the Nelson Town Deal, In-Situ present a series of interdisciplinary talks exploring Nelson in the context of other postindustrial towns that have undergone or are going through significant change.

Nelson Reimagined: Interdisciplinary Conversations

The conversations will involve an invited guest who will offer a broader/international perspective on themes related to Nelson’s Town Deal, paired with a local expert or community member. The talks will take place at the Hub and mix in person and remote participation. The discussions will be archived, broadcast and/or disseminated through print, digital, radio etc. Each talk will be followed up with a workshop using questions or rovocations from the talks as prompts for group discussions or activities.

Weds November 23rd – Diverse Economies with Kathrin Bohm and Local Expert TBC

Weds February 22nd – Food, Growing and Community with Owen Griffiths and Local Expert TBC

Weds April 26th – Urban Planning and The Commons with Keir Milburn and Local Expert TBC



About This Is Nelson and Nelson Reimagined

This Is Nelson is the cultural strand of the Nelson Town Deal ( led by In-Situ. It will engage with Nelson’s communities through a programme of activities and events and the reactivation of places and spaces.

Introduction to In-Situ

In-Situ is an artist-led organisation based in Brierfield, Pendle. In-Situ’s vision is for art to be part of everyday life; for our art to be an art of action; for our art to contribute to society as a whole; for our art to challenge current thinking about environment, people, place, and culture. Founded in 2012, In-Situ works alongside the local community to create visible, self-sustaining art and culture, through a range of collaborative artworks, events, local and international artist residencies and partnerships with other organisations.