Drinks Making

Flavours of Nature: Earth Day Tea Discovery Kitchen

Fri 22 April 2022

Company Drinks Pavilion
Outdoor Bowls Pavilion
Barking Park
Longbridge Road
IG11 8TA

In Partnership with Robin Honhold


Please join us on a flavour discovery session, an afternoon of talking about the different types of flowers, herbs, roots and fruits that can be used to create tasty products . We at Company Drinks are planning on a new cold brew tea drink product, we are looking to collaboratively create a new flavour combination with ideas from you that will add meaning to the finished product . Joining us will be master drinks maker and flavour expert Robin Honhold to talk about flavour profiles and our own connection to flavour and how it influences our flavour choice

We are excited to invite you to an afternoon at the pavilion to work and learn together with plant flavours to create a delicious new drink to share in good company, in the session we will
• Learn about some plants used for flavour
• Discover how some of these flavours work together
• Discuss our own connection with certain flavours
• Share memories and experiences with herbal flavours
At Company Drinks we like making things together, bringing a part of everyone involved to create collaboratively. We want to learn more about you and your connection to drink flavours, what makes you feel excited or relaxed, what flavours make you feel at home or what ones remind you of adventure.
Please bring with you some samples of your favourite plants for us all to explore, some possible ideas could be
• Ginger
• Mint
• Raspberry
• Hibiscus
• Thyme
• Turmeric
We will meet at the Company Drinks Pavilion in Barking Park From 2pm-4pm, Drinks and snacks will be provided, please contact Shaun@companydrinks.info to register your interest