Re-drawing Workshops

Economics the Blockbuster Drawing Workshop 03

13 – 14 October 2022

Oxford Road

Centre for Plausible Economies and The Whitworth Art Gallery

The third in a series of Re-drawing the Economy workshops with members of the wider Whitworth Team. How can drawings show the complex and often invisible of the museum, such as the collection or research?

Economics the Blockbuster will open as an exhibition in late June 2023, showcasing the diverse economic activities of the museum itself, featuring artists who make economy their practice, and inviting everyone to draw and redraw the economy.

The workshops with the teams are in preparation to this exhibition, t0
– establish drawing and drawings as a main method to access economy as a topic
– to produce a series of refined large scale drawings for the exhibition, to show the museum as a complex and pluralistic economic operation
– explore how drawing can bring about change.