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Good Food Champions: Workshop 3 Good Food Enterprise

Tue 7 February 2023

GCDA Greenwich venues:
Unit 6
West Greenwich Production Kitchen and Offices
Made In Greenwich Shop,
GCDA Market

As part of the Good Food Plan research, we’re thrilled to be hosting a series of workshops with four Good Food Champions. These are four organisations (local and further afield) who we think are doing great work to make nourishing, affordable, culturally appropriate, sustainable and tasty food more available to everyone....

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We’re heading off for a visit to Greenwich Co-Operative Development Agency with CEO Claire Pritchard. We’ll get a guided tour of Unit 6: their West Greenwich Production Kitchen and Offices, the Made In Greenwich Shop, and the new GCDA Market in Greenwich Town Centre.
Responding to the findings from the Good Food Plan research, specifically the need for long-term investment in community-led, business and enterprise support and development, this will be a great opportunity to learn from a successful, comparable model and to make connections to like-minded networks and projects elsewhere in London.
GCDA have been supporting communities to be healthy and sustainable since 1982, and their holistic approach to growing healthy, good food enterprises involves:
  • developing enterprises, which meet economic and social needs and are cooperatively managed. 
  • delivering training programmes and courses, which build the knowledge and skills of the community and partners we work with across the area’s core to our aims; enterprise, health and the environment.
  • creating community hubs – based on cafes, farms, allotments, marketplaces and training centres
  • promoting healthy lifestyles to the whole population, particularly those experiencing health inequalities, their physical and mental well-being is improved.


Please note that this event is invite only


If you, or someone you know someone would benefit from joining this visit, please contact us on: – for local residents / partner organisations for all LBBD staff / teams / volunteers