Drinks Making

Have and Make Tea! NEW Monthly Workshop

Thu 13 February 2020

Company Drinks at the Outdoor Bowls Pavilion
Barking Park
Longbridge Road Gate
IG11 8TA

For 2020 we're hosting a new monthly making workshop: Join us on the second Thursday of every month from February onwards, we'll be having *AND MAKING* a cup of tea at the Outdoor Bowls Club in Barking Park. If you're interested in..... horticulture, herbal remedies, the benefits of growing your own herbs, or just love a cup of tea in good company, come along to this hands-on, tasty session.


////// The facilitated Park Centre workshops with Pip will take place on the FIRST and THIRD Thursday of every month at the Park Centre

////// From February onwards, on the SECOND Thursday of the month, Alice will be hosting ‘Have and Make Tea’ workshops at the Barking Park Pavilion from 1-3pm

////// From April onwards, the FOURTH Thursday of every month will be a visit to a garden, production or green space

////// In months spanning 5 weeks , the 5th Thursday of the month will be a self led session at Park Centre

If in doubt about one of our volunteer sessions, email us on contact@companydrinks.info to let us know when you’d like to come and if you’d like to bring a group…