Herbal Making Day: Immune boosting fire cider

Sat 13 November 2021

Outdoor Bowls Pavilion
Barking Park
Longbridge Road
Barking IG11 8TA

Delivered in partnership with The Mobile Apothecary


Come for an afternoon of herbal medicine making in our kitchen, we will be learning how to make a great herbal immune-supporting vinegar to add to your herbal remedy medicine cabinet. Learn about what goes into it and how the ingredients can be preserved, as well as help make a batch of bottles of vinegar to reach people who are in need of it.

We will come together to brew some immune supporting fire cider and learn the amazing uses of this powerful winter remedy.


Fire cider is full of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties as well as vitamins and minerals to help keep the immune system healthy. On the day, we will be:

  • Learning about the ingredients that go into this recipe
  • Learn about preserving the benefits of plants in different ways
  • Get hands-on
  • Chopping ingredients
  • Measuring out quantities
  • Decocting ingredients
  • Decanting into bottles and labelling
  • Taste-testing and tea drinking are a must


We will use some herbs fresh from the garden as well as dried herbs too, some of the things we will be using are things you will already find in your home. Onions, Garlic, Chillies and ginger are a great start to herbal vinegar, come and find out the benefits of these and many other things you can add to make it even more potent.


If you would like to attend please email shaun@companydrinks.info to sign up