Study Days

idt. at Unidee

Sat 8 May 2021


Andy Abbott / UNIDEE

Closed seminar

UNIDEE and Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto are hosting this year’s UNIDEE Residency programs. Curated by Andy Abbott, the theme is "Groundwork for Embedded Arts Practice".

The 2021 program aims to further and deepen this conversation with a specific focus on alternative structures, frameworks, ecologies and organisational forms for socially engaged art projects, and the ‘groundwork’ required to build and sustain them. How are artists and artworkers laying the foundations for new realities through creative approaches to collaboration, exchange, economy, labour, policy, pedagogy and networks? How essential is this infrastructure to the success of socially transformative art projects? In what spaces, places and contexts can it emerge and grow? To what extent can we consider its development a part of the practice, and how can we maintain it together? .

Kathrin from Company Drinks will talk about  The Interdependence, together with close colleagues and work friends Kate Rich, Bianca Elzembauer, and in conversation with Aria Spinelli

The Interdependence (idt.) is a recently launched  platform to make visible and support people and organisations who are practising community economies worldwide and wish to signal their alliance with a larger movement to create economies that have the well-being of people and the planet at their core.

Company Drinks together with Comunita Frizzante and Cube Cola are three drinks companies within the idt. and share a joint business approach that puts people, the planet and culture first.