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Launch of the idt.

Tue 10 November 2020

Liviana Conference

Community Economies Research Network

Please join us for the launch of The Interdependence, a multi-local alliance between community economies initiatives. . The Interdependence exists to make visible and support people and organisations who are practising community economies worldwide. . Organisations, initiatives and people affiliated to The Interdependence add the abbreviation idt. to their name, to signal at a glance that they perceive themselves as interdependent with others, and as part of a larger movement to create economies that have the well-being of people and the planet at their core.

In this two-hour get-together early idt.-adopters will present their work, followed by a conversation about how to activate The Interdependence in practice and how to leverage it as a collective response to the naysayers who respond to our examples of community economies in practice by saying “that’s nice, but is it scalable?” Ubiquity is our scale! We are many! We are together! We are already here! Join us!

The session is part of a two-week long community economies online festival and is organised by Kathrin Böhm, Kuba Szreder and Bianca Elzenbaumer, and  joined by Katherine Gibson, Katharine McKinnon, Gaja Meznaric-Osole and Renata Sifrar.

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