Lunchtime Talk

Thu 20 November 2014

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Financial Centre
2 King Edward Street

Myvillages artist Kathrin Böhm will present a talk on themes which informed and inspired the Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks project.

'Economy as Drinks Cabinet' Kathrin Böhm, 2014 'Economy as Drinks Cabinet' Kathrin Böhm, 2014

International artists group Myvillages are the 2014 winners of the Create Art Award for Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks.

Kathrin Böhm will present a lunchtime talk introducing the project’s ambition to establish a sustainable social, and economical, circuit of production. This circuit allows us to understand economy as something that everyone is involved in, and sets an example for how to develop a collective community led enterprise.

As one participant put it during the hop-picking reminiscence sessions: “Going picking wasn’t just about the money, it was about being in good company.

Please note, this is a private event for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as it is held within their office building.

About Kathrin Böhm

Kathrin has a longstanding interest in collective production, the negotiation of value and trade as a socio-cultural activity.

Other projects in the field include ‘Park Products‘ for the Serpentine Gallery (together with Andreas Lang, 2004), International Village Shop (with Myvillages, since 2007) and ‘Trade Show‘, co-curated with Gavin Wade for Eastside Projects (2013).


About the Create Art Award

The Create Art Award is supported by  Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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