Re-drawing Workshops

Mapping aka Self-Portrait aka Strategy

5 – 12 October 2019
Saturdays from 10:30am-5pm

Barking Park
Longbridge Road
Barking IG11 8TA

As part if London Creative Network/SPACE

For LCN Participants

A re-drawing and mapping exercise to understand the supportive and/or exploitative networks we are connected with as individual artists. As part of SPACE's professional development programme London Creative Network (LCN).

This two hour sessions looks at the networks we are connected with as practitioners, and the economic underpinnings that support our practice.

Drawing maps and diagrams will be followed by a brainstorm on how to organise and strategise these networks.

Katherine Gibson’s ‘The Economy as an Iceberg‘ and Gregory Sholette’s concept of ‘Dark Matter’ set the foundations for reviewing and repositioning ourselves in relation to capitalism and the art market.


London Creative Network is a tailored professional development programme for London-based artists, photographers and designer-makers. Delivered by SPACE, with Cockpit Arts, Four Corners and Photofusion, it runs from Spring 2016 to Spring 2020.