Trade Talks

Mapping Community Economies

Thu 11 February 2021

Cobh, Ireland
Online Talk

Colette Lewis, Cobh Zero Waste and SIRIUS

Presentation by Kathrin Böhm on 'Drawing Community Economies', and how mapping out the diverse economic underpinnings of your activities, can support strategies towards more plausible economies. . The talk for Sirius Art Centre is part of 'Reframing Community-based Economies' - a project by the artist Colette Lewis, Cobh Zero Waste and SIRIUS exploring a community-based model of exchange towards the implementation of circular economies as a civic-driven imagination of sustainable living strategies.

For more information about the Reframing Community Economies programme click here.

Documentation of the ongoing Redrawing the Economy projects and research can be found here. Redrawing the Economy is an ongoing (global) action-research programme which maps and enacts the diverse economies of particular communities in order to grow an already existing pool of ideas and images for how to take back the economy as we know it.

The aim of Redrawing the Economy programme is to work with communities to develop their own narratives, measurements and representations of community economy practice. Key provocations that the programme poses are:

– how can we identify the shared challenges and different answers to the question of how to live in common?

– how might ethical economic concerns be visually represented in culturally relevant ways?

– what enables visual representations to travel across place, culture and language?

This project contributes to the anarchist current of radical geographic scholarship and practice that seeks to identify those elsewhere places where a different logic of economy prevails, where mutual aid, care, cooperation and common concern are practiced. There are thousands of such efforts across the planet but the prospects for their growth and durability rests on our capacity to recognise, measure, understand and represent them.