Hopping Afternoons

March Hopping Afternoon

Sat 17 March 2018

Valence House
Becontree Avenue

Join us at Valence House, where we'll be getting together to reminisce on previous hop-picking experiences. This month we'll be joined by Katherine Gibson of the Community Economies Research Network and talking Women, Labour and Money: and finding out what these mean to you...

For many women Going Hopping was the only way to earn some money and it was an important part of their home economy.

Join us for a special March Hopping Afternoon where we

want to share memories about how women, labour and money.

As a special guest we have Katherine Gibson from the Community Economies Research Network.

Katherine has been researching communities and their economies around the world and wants to find out more

about east London and the Hopping history.

Bring an object that reminds you of a story or history where women were earning, fighting for or managing money in their own way…

If you or anyone you know used to go Hopping, we’d love to hear from you! Please join Pip and the Happy Hoppers at one of our Hopping Afternoons, or contact us on contact@companydrinks.info or+44(0)7784461277 to find out more and let us know your story!