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One Borough One Love Online Festival

19 – 20 September 2020

LBBD Council

Family Friendly

The weekend will be packed full of live local performances, arts and crafts activities, poetry, family magic and a puppet show. All from the comfort of your own home. - At 12:15pm on Saturday 19th tune in for a short video about minibeasts by Shaun and Alice!

To see the full line up visit the festival website

To keep up to date with where to watch on the day, follow the event here.

A little bit about our ‘minibeast’ video:

At the Company Drinks garden we grow herbs to make herbal teas. We also grow lots of flowers and shrubs to provide forage for pollinators, all year round. This is to encourage beneficial insects into the space and support a balanced ecosystem. This way we don’t need to use any nasty herbicides or pesticides. The garden is only two years old but we are already seeing more of the beneficial insects such as hoverflies, ladybirds and their larvae, butterflies, moths and lacewing.

When you next visit a garden or park why not take a moment to look a little closer, and move a little slower; it can be surprising what you will find. In this video Shaun and Alice from Company Drinks show you an example of how to explore even a familiar space a little differently.

We mention just a few of the creatures that you may find in nature but there are many more, which ones can you think of?