Pumpkin Carving Competition

26 – 30 October 2020

(With Prizes!)

While we can't be together for our annual pumpkin carving session with local families, we're inviting you to join us in a seasonal crafting session and share your creations!

Images: Last year's Pumpkin Carving event in Barking Park with the Wild + Well Families

We’d love to see what you get up to, and we’ll be awarding Good Food Collective goodie bags to the winning Pumpkins! Tag us @goingpicking on social media or email your photos to contact@companydrinks.info. For some inspiration, see just some of the brilliant designs from last year in the photos above.

Another thing you can do with your pumpkins, is to save the seeds for growing next Spring. Email us on contact@companydrinks.info if you’d like more information on how you can save your pumpkin seeds. Alternatively, we’ve found this great video from Vandana Shiva and Farmer Rishi all about seed saving, showing you how to save yours.

You could also roast the seeds for a healthy snack, and remember, you don’t need to throw the pumpkin away once you’re done with it, you could even put the shell outside for wildlife to eat, or on a compost heap, giving back to the earth!