Study Days

Reclaiming Economy in the Arts

Thu 24 November 2022

ZF Campus, White Box
Friedrichshafen, Germany

Art Programme Zeppelin University

RECLAIMING ECONOMY – mapping and reimagining economic systems, in the arts and beyond. A talk and workshop by the Centre for Plausible Economies.

Public Presentation and Workshop with the Centre for Plausible Economy (Kathrin Böhm and Kuba Szreder)

One of the simplest tools we have is a pencil. With a pencil we can redraw and reorganise the way people see things. At Centre for Plausible Economies we apply this way of thinking to economy, at first glance totally disconnected from the world of art. The workshops will provide an opportunity to map the everyday economies of involved participants, visualising the diversity of economic systems that typically underpin artistic practice. The aim of the exercise is to nourish interdependent and community-based economic system, because mapping the economies that dominate us is the first step on a way to imagine the economies that we would actually want and enact them together.

The workshops will focus on the diverse economies of the collectives, projects and institutions in which workshop participants are enmeshed, that involve both symbolic and material, monetary and non-monetary resources generated in their institutional ecosystems. The emphasis will be placed on the aftermath of pandemic, framing the crisis as an opportunity to rethink the economy – not only of art institutions, but also economies at large. The redrawing exercises will be conducted with the aim of manifesting the values conjured by the mapped initiatives, by viewing their particular operations in the larger, social context. We are going to work within the diverse economic perspective to debunk capitalocentric visions of the economy. Hence, we will try to demonstrate a diversity of values that support bottom up, collective, communitarian and commons-based initiatives.

The public presentation and workshops take place in cooperation with the European training network FEINART.