Study Days

Reimagining Post-capitalist Economies in the Arts and Beyond

Fri 15 February 2019

Oxford Road
Manchester M15 6ER

Alistair Hudson and Samantha Lackey

Presentation and workshop led by Kathrin Böhm and Kuba Szreder as part of a series of sessions leading up the Economic Blockbuster Show at The Whitworth in 2021.

Morning presentation

The presentation will focus on the economic underpinnings of artistic institutions and their potential contribution to more equalitarian and sustainable economic systems. To substantiate otherwise abstract ideals, we will refer to the Company Drinks as an art project that organises itself as a post-capitalist enterprise. We will reflect upon the more general features of post-capitalist art institutions by leaning on the recent research of the Centre for Plausible Economies and our cooperation with the CASCO Art Institute and the Association for Useful Art. We will discuss the concept of not-not-ownership that informs the process of acquiring the Archives of Useful Art for public collections, an example of the post-capitalist mode of collecting alternative to the capitalist logic that regulates speculative art market.


Afternoon session

We would like to start the session by providing space for the short presentation of the Economy Blockbuster show, to facilitate a better collective understanding of its current and future developments. It would be productive to get both a bigger picture and discuss individual interests in the topic. Kuba and Kathrin will then present three artistic formats exploring the intersections between art and economy, which could potentially feed into the curatorial process of the Economy Blockbuster show.

A) Trade Show that showcases artistic practice and projects which critique mainstream economic
B) Fun Fairs that features artistic and economic games, inviting milling crowds to play the econom
C) Redrawing the Economy that facilitates cognitive mapping of economic systems in arts and beyond in order to change them.