Study Days

The Interdependence Charter Workshop

16 – 17 November 2019

Commonslab Berlin
Schillerpromenade 4
12049 Berlin

Community Economy Research Network (CERN)+

CERN Members, including Kathrin Böhm from the Centre for Plausible Economies meet for two days to discuss and start implementing the proposal for 'Interdependence' as a new multi-local contagion between community economy initiatives.

The workshop will include members of the Community Economies Institute (CERN) and others working in solidarity and supporting efforts to visiblise and connect disparate post-capitalist practices.

The concept for Interdependence as a new abbreviation was first articulated during a Community Economy Workshop organised by Brave New Alps in June 2019.

Interdependence (Itd.) wants to surface the ubiquity and interconnectedness of community economy activities. Organisations, initiatives and people affiliated toThe Interdependence can add the abbreviation Idt. to their name, to signal at a glance that they are interdependent and part of a larger movement (just as adding Ltd. or Inc. signals certain kinds of business identity). Its use is a collective response to the naysayers who respond to our examples of community economy practices by saying “that’s nice, but is it scalable?” Ubiquity is our scale! Join The Interdependence!

On the first day of the workshop up to 25 participants will come together to discuss the idea of The Interdependence, share stories, ideas and inspiration, and brainstorm key considerations for a charter. 

The second day will split participants up into smaller groups to work on the tasks of 1) writing a charter for The Interdependence, 2) designing the logo, 3) developing a communication plan. 









Photo by Giampiero Benvenuti