Picking Walks

Japanese Knotweed foraging at Eastbrookend Country Park

Thu 15 June 2017
Meet Dagenham Heathway station @12... or Millenium Centre @12.45

The Chase,

We're heading out for more Japanese Knotweed! This invasive pest, when picked safely in un-treated spots, will be used in our next season of locally sourced drinks flavours! Meet us at Dagenham Heathway Station at 12 or at the Millennium Centre at 12.45 for a prompt 1pm picking start!

Image: The 3 Foragers http://the3foragers.blogspot.co.uk/

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant and should not be picked without permission from your local council. If you’d like to ask us anything about how to safely pick without contamination from weed killer or spreading the plant, please contact us.