Study Days

Trade School: Swap Shop

Fri 14 June 2019

1 Short Blue Place,
IG11 8AL

What is a good deal? How to pay without money? What's the value of things? Round off a three part session exploring economic models such as swap shops and time banks, finishing with a Cash Free Drinks Stall in central Barking..... Run by the ESOL Entry Level 3 students from Barking Technical Skills Academy.

We are piloting a Company Drinks Trade School with students from Barking Technical Skills Academy, looking at alternative and non-monetary models of trade and the value production behind everyday products.

The sessions are hands-on and negotiating, explaining and making deals without using money will be part of the experience. On the last day we’ll be experimenting with different ways of selling goods in public, a vending machine, a flying trader and a classic market stall.