Study Days

Unlearning Art Economy

Sat 3 November 2018

Lange Nieuwstraat 7
3512 PA Utrecht
The Netherlands

Casco Art Institute: Working towards the Commons

“Within the context of the commons, how does art institutional change relate to unlearning, particularly with regards to the redistribution of power?”

The Centre for Plausible Economies will run a presentation and working session on ‘Unlearning Art Economies’ during Casco‘s first public assembly “Elephants in the Room”.

The inaugural two-day annual Assembly is taking focuses on commoning art institutions and on art organizations as sites for unlearning. With contributions from Another Roadmap for Arts Education: Sofía Olascoaga & Lineo Segoete; Arts Collaboratory working groups (Cráter Invertido: Aline Hernández; KUNCI Cultural Studies Center: Ferdiansyah Thajib; Más Arte Más Acción: Ana Garzón Sabogal; Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA): Kabelo Malatsie; & DOEN Foundation: Yu-Lan van Alphen & Gertrude Flentge); Centre for Plausible Economies: Kathrin Böhm & Kuba Szreder; Ayesha Ghanchi; Frame Contemporary Art Finland: Jussi Koitela; Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU): Faisol Iskandar; Nancy Jouwe; Lambent Foundation: Michelle Coffey; Kate Rich; & Hodan Warsame.