Trade Talks

What is the Centre for Plausible Economies

Thu 21 January 2021

Academy of Fine Art Kraków

Talk by Kuba Szreder (CPE) at the doctoral studies programme of the Academy of Fine Art in Kraków

The presentation focused on the activities of the Centre of Plausible Economies, emphasising the connection between theoretical reflection and artistic interventions of the Company Drinks, as expressed by one of the CPE’s  many mottos: walking the walk while talking the talk. Kuba mentioned such potentially useful concepts as the 1:1 scale, real time economic systems, discussed the collaboration with the Community Economies Research Network, and presented mapping exercises in re:drawing the economy. He presented the visual essay Icebergian Economies of Contemporary Art, published together with CPE in the summer 2020, as an example of fusion between economic imagination and visual representations of economy, in accordance with yet another of CPE’s mottos: an image is the ambition turned form. The presentation was followed by a discussion regarding the potential of artistic practice to reclaim the economies, and alternative modes of organising artistic production.