Drinks Making

Wild Harvest Community Cordial Day (Plum and Blackberry)

Sat 24 February 2024

Company Drinks Pavilion
Outdoor Bowls Pavilion
Barking Park
Longbridge Road
Barking IG11 8TA

Company Drinks

Ever wonder how we make our seasonal cordials? What goes into mixing, boiling and brewing the flavours of your local landscape? this event invites community members to come together and discover the art of making cordials from foraged fruits. Join our expert mixologist for an immersive cordial-making experience. The air will be filled with the sweet aroma of berries, the zesty notes of citrus, and the earthy undertones of wild herbs. Throughout the day, we will engage in lively conversations, swapping foraging tales and sharing our favourite flavour combinations. Help brew up a tasty seasonal flavour into a syrup, what goes into it and how you can replicate it at home , as well as adding a personalized touch to each bottled creation.

This will be a hands-on event creating cordials using heat, which means it will NOT be suitable for young children


ALl equipment will be provided, tasks may include:

-Preparing kitchen area before cooking

-weighing out correct ingredients

-rinsing bottles ready to be filled

-filling bottles with cordial and placing them into the pasteuriser

-labelling the bottles when ready


Please contact shaun@companydrinks.info to register your interest