Winter Wreath Making and Healing Herbals

Mon 7 December 2020
All Day

Online and on Social Media

On Monday 7th December we'll be sharing a very special winter warmer..... In our weekly newsletter we'll be sharing a video from Shaun, showing you how to forage in local parks and gardens for everything you need to make a beautiful Winter Wreath. PLUS we'll be sharing some great information about winter herbals to keep you Wild + Well from the Company Drinks Garden and Projects We Love.


The full size video is here. What you will need;
String or garden wire
Willow/ vines/ metal coat hanger for the ring
Evergreens such as;

Did you know, if you cannot find any willow shoots or vines, you can use a metal coat hanger, bending it into a round shape and tying the greens onto it, you even have a handy hook to hang it up afterwards.


Wreath Making Plant ID chart


We’ve pulled together a handy table of plants to look out for when foraging for your foraged wreath materials. The great thing about wreath making is you don’t need much! Just a few willow twigs and leaves will look great. You want to look out for evergreens, waxy leaves and winter berries for a splash of colour!


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