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Ahali Podcast: Arteconomies

Mon 8 March 2021

AHALI Conversations

Can Altay

Kathrin from Company Drinks will be talking with Can Altay, as part of his AHALI Conversations, where Can meets with thinkers, artists, curators and designers to discuss the future of cultural production.

Kathrin will be talking about how artistic and economic practice depend on and create each other.
The conversation was first recorded during a conversation with Can Altay and a small group of invited colleagues and students from Can’s network in Ankara.

Kathrin says: “I’m interested in architecture and economy as two public realms, where our sense of societal possibilities is shaped through everyday activities. The organisation of the space around us and the way we run an economy are things that all of us practice every day. I’m interested in them as realms I can enter as an artist, just as any other non-specialist would. It’s about de-specialising and democratising those realms, but also about everyday practices and reorganising them away from a narrowing of possibilities. The 2013 book Take Back the Economy by Katherine Gibson and others was important for me in thinking about this. Company Drinks is a cultural project but also a practical one in terms of how we reorganise resources, trade differently, have different ethics and ultimately take back the economy as a richer cultural realm, different from this machine that destroys us. “