Community Herbal Training Day

Sun 25 April 2021

Company Drinks Garden
Outdoor Bowls Pavilion
Barking Park
Longbridge Road Gate
IG11 8TA

Delivered in partnership with The Mobile Apothecary

We are excited to have our first herbal training day with The Mobile Apothecary in our grow club garden. The day will consist of seed sowing tutorials, guidance on how to make herbal products and how to tend to herbs in your own growing space.


The Mobile Apothecary @ Company Drinks


The team at The Mobile Apothecary will be joining us in the garden to share some herbal knowledge with our herbal network


We will spend the day learning about:

-How herbs grow in different environments

-The best herbs to grow in raised beds and pots

-How to make simple herbal tonics and teas

-Medicinal vinegar making

-Learning about how to transform our growing space into a herb garden


This event is closed to the public, but if you are interested in getting involved and learning how to grow herbs yourself then contact me Shaun here and I will add you to the network mail out.


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