Trade Talks

Artistic Practice as Economic Practice

Sat 24 April 2021

Making Room - online conversation
in the OFF-Biennale’s Living Room Project

OFF-Biennale Budapest

Making Room is an online conversation event in OFF-Biennale Budapest’s Living Room project. The conversation invites guests to discuss collective art practices of making room––of creating structures––for, around, and in the arts?

What does it mean to build (infra)structures for art, in spite of or without any existing (infra)structure? How can the basic building blocks of the art world, such as the economy or education, be reshaped with artistic means? The conversation’s guests will share their experiences on these matters from their perspectives anchored in practices in various locales including Jakarta, Kassel, Budapest, Warsaw, and east London.
The guests are farid rakun and Reza Afisina, ruangrupa (documenta fifteen’s collective Artistic Direction); Nóra Aujeszky and László Upor, FreeSZFE Society; and Kathrin Böhm and Kuba Szreder, Center for Plausible Economies c/o Company Drinks. The conversation is hosted by OFF-Biennale curatorial team member Eszter Szakács.
OFF-Biennale website and Facebook link here.