2023 Cordials

2023 Cordial Update: Celebrating the New and the Classic

Welcome to our annual cordial update! The past year at Company Drinks has been an exciting journey of exploration and creativity, as we’ve ventured into new territory while honouring our traditional roots. We’ve been busy gathering, pressing, and creating a delightful range of cordials from our community events and foraging trips, and we’re thrilled to share the highlights with you.

Elderflower Cordials: A Timeless Tradition

Elderflower cordial has long been a favourite at Company Drinks, and this year was no exception. Our team and volunteers gathered elderflowers from the local area to create our classic elderflower cordial, a light and refreshing treat that never goes out of style.

We also had the unique opportunity to create a special elderflower cordial for the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. This bespoke cordial was designed to reflect the gallery’s artistic spirit, blending the floral notes of elderflower with a hint of creativity. It was a pleasure to collaborate with such a vibrant cultural institution.

Strawberry Cordial: A Sweet Summer Treat#

Our strawberry picking trip to Maynard’s Fruit Farm in Kent was a delightful success, and we put those freshly picked strawberries to good use in our strawberry cordial. The sweet and juicy flavours captured the essence of summer, bringing a burst of sunshine to every sip. This cordial quickly became a seasonal favourite, enjoyed by all who tasted it.

Plum and Blackberry Cordial: A Perfect Autumn Blend

As summer transitioned to autumn, we embarked on a new adventure, picking blackberries at Eastbrookend and harvesting plums at the National Trust’s Stoneford Cottage Garden. These two fruits combined beautifully to create a rich and fruity cordial, blending the tartness of blackberries with the deep sweetness of plums. It was a perfect companion for cool autumn evenings, reminding us of the changing seasons.

Hop Cordial: A Unique Twist

This year, one of our well-loved cordials was made from organic hops picked at the Growing Communities farm in Dagenham. This hop cordial had a unique flavour profile, offering a subtle bitterness balanced with sweetness. Its a refreshing surprise for many of our community members, proving that the possibilities for cordial-making are endless.

Rose Hip Cordial: A Taste of Nature

In the autumn, we also gathered rose hips from Goodmayes Park, creating a cordial that was both tangy and slightly sweet. Rosehip cordial is known for its rich vitamin C content, and ours was no exception. It became a favourite for those looking for a healthy yet delicious drink, perfect for the cooler months.

Live Apple Pressing: A Hands-On Experience

Beyond our cordials, we hosted live apple pressing events at Valance House and Eastbury Manor House, inviting our community to join in the fun. Participants had the chance to press fresh apple juice, which they enjoyed on the spot. It was a great way to engage with our community and celebrate the harvest season.

A Year of Cordials: Looking Ahead

Reflecting on this past year, we’re grateful for the community’s support and enthusiasm. Our cordials wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated volunteers, local farms, and gathering spots that make our events so special. We look forward to another year of creativity, exploration, and, of course, more delicious cordials.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Stay tuned for more exciting events and cordials to come in 2024!