Making Medicine: A Residential

12 April – 19 July 2021

In partnership with the Mobile Apothecary and Phytology

We're extremely happy to announce that from Spring 2021 we are going to be collaborating with the Mobile Apothecary on a series of local Community Herbalism workshops. Mobile Apothecary is an East London project that "helps to build and strengthen our relationships with plants and nature, share well-being practices and improve our mental and physical health" through communal work with herbs and east London community groups. . This is a closed group but we will be presenting what we have made at an event for Women’s Empowerment Month in March 2021.

December 2020

Herbal Remedies: Made Together

Ideas from Nature to feel better this Winter



We’ll keep you updated with the new herbal products that are grown, picked and blended together in Barking Park on our website. You can also revisit our story about when Mobile Apothecary came to Barking Park to make herbal remedies for east London communities through the first Covid-19 lockdown via our Projects We Love Blog.

One of the first things we’ll be making together, is Fire Cider….



There are plenty of ‘store cupboard’ remedies that you can make at home. This week we are feeling particularly inspired by Hackney Herbal’s useful blog on ‘making your own Autumn remedies’ including how to make Fire Cider! A non-alcoholic herbal vinegar to strengthen our immune systems over winter.

If you don’t know them already, Hackney Herbal are a brilliant east London based project. We recommend following them on social media for workshops, growing tips, blogs and check out their shop for some delicious ranges of healing herbal teas….


To discover more about the Mobile Apothecary see their website here.

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